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Encaustic artist Jeff League featured on WMFE’s The Art’s Connection in a video interview at the former Millenia Fine Art Gallery in Maitland, Florida.

Secily Wilson: Hello and welcome to the Arts Connection, your program about all things creative here in Central Florida.

I’m Secily Wilson and this week we’re joining you from the beautiful Millenia Fine Art in Maitland. And the galleries here hold stunning displays of art from this dazzling collection of work by artist Dale Chihuly, whose specialty of course, is blown glass sculptures – to an amazing showcase of work by a local artist. And of course we’ll talk to the president of the gallery shortly to learn more.

Well we’ve moved into the main gallery of Millenia Fine Art in Maitland and joining me now is the president of the gallery Jeff Hall, and Jeff, simply amazing here, thank you for having us.

Jeff Hall: Sure, thank you for stopping by.

Secily: Tell us more.

Jeff: Sure, the gallery located now in Maitland/Winter Park, we’ve moved recently from down at Conroy and I-4. We moved to a larger location, and we now occupy about 30,000 square feet and it’s also a feeder in the headquarters to help assist or other locations in New York, Las Vegas and other part of the world opening shortly.

Secily: Now you have artwork from all over the world, but here in the main gallery you’re featuring a local artist who uses a very rare medium. Tell us more about that.

Jeff: We’re very proud to have by Jeff League as part of our stable of artists, not only is Jeff using a rare method of encaustic which is using resin and beeswax in introducing that with the photography, but he’s also part of the Millennia family working with us, so we’re very proud to see his work move to the next level and we’re excited about the show that we have here and also some things we have coming up for him in New York.

Secily: Absolutely his work is amazing!

Winter Park’s Big Show

Winter Park’s Big Show, Winter Park Magazine, March 2010

by Justine Griffin
HOMETOWN ARTISTS Of the 225 artists participating in the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, three are from Winter Park: Edson Campos, Bernie Martin and Jeff League. Artists are chosen by a committee appointed by the festival’s administration.

Jeff League always knew he wanted to be an artist. “It just took me a while to really find my voice,” League says. Originally from Gainesville, League studied music before trying black and white photography, and finally, visual art. League says he found his path in visual art, creating images that he calls “mixed media painting.”

League works with an encaustic medium, – beeswax and tree resin – and then adds photography or paints other images on top. “I saw a demonstration by local artist Audrey Phillips that really inspired me,” League says. “It showed me that you could transfer imagery to the encaustic.”

League’s work has been showcased in galleries throughout Central Florida, such as the Museum of Florida Art, the Orlando Museum of Art and, most recently, in the Lombard Contemporary Art exhibit at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel. Some of his photography also has been selected by the Polaroid Corporation and placed into its permanent collection. League also works for the Millenia Gallery in Orlando.

This will be League’s third appearance in the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. “The camaraderie among the artists in this particular festival is fun,” he says. “And showing my art in front of thousands of people is great.”